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Color Consultation

Paint, Stains, Flooring & Surfaces 

Charged Hourly / 2 hour Minimum - $195 Hourly

Master Color Consultant


Color is so important and it can be tricky. Mistakes can be expensive, so investing in expert assistance when selecting the right colors is a wise choice. Hiring a professional can save you from making expensive mistakes.

There are many factors that go into selecting the right colors for a home, such as the architecture style, natural lighting, and working with fixed elements in the home like hard surfaces and woodwork. Paint colors will be recommended during the initial consultation appointment. Colors should always be tested before painting the entire project. Color consultations are done on an hourly basis. A second appointment is recommended to review painted samples so a final selection can be determined.


If you're selling, your color choices can actually make you money. I like to refer to paint as "Cash in a Can". The right paint colors can increase the sale price of a home. Color can delight (or drive away) potential buyers. If you're selling and painting make sure to get it right by contacting a color expert.

Color consultations are not just for paint, we are available to help select surfaces such as counter tops, tile, flooring, lighting, etc.

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