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7 Simple Tips to Set Your THANKSGIVING TABLE Like a Stylist

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

  1. Everything does not need to match or be “perfect” to be perfect. China and silverware don’t match? It’s okay! Mix and match. Go with totally random patterns, or just match a color like all white for a more cohesive look.

  2. Use low centerpieces. It makes it easy to see the beautiful faces sitting across from you.

  3. Repeat your centerpieces down the table like a runner. Having just one centerpiece in the middle of the table is not very interesting. I like to repeat similar or identical items to span the table. Repetition is a stylist’s trick. It makes people feel at ease and, simply put, repetition just makes us humans happy.

  4. Light it up! Add candles- real or faux. It adds instant magic.

  5. Bring in nature. Natural elements such as driftwood, branches, fall leaves, feathers, squash, succulents or plants give the table a casual and organic feel that is on trend.

  6. Choose a limited color scheme. Keep it simple, but interesting. Less is more.

  7. Small touches like place cards, cloth napkins or table gifts go a long way.

*Pumpkins by Lisa Whitman at Garden Treasures. Sold at Deluxe Foods Aptos.

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