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California Casual- The "It Girl" Of Interior Decorating

Although California Casual has been around for a few years, it seems to be increasing in popularity and is the darling of interior design these days. This "it girl" is seen everywhere on social media, retail catalogues, TV design shows, etc.. She's especially popular in California, and even more so in California coastal towns like Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara and Malibu. This easy breezy modern, yet very comfortable style just feels like a vacation. Even though the word "CASUAL" is in the name of this style, don't be FOOLED into thinking that this look is affordable. Sadly, California Casual style costs a pretty penny. This mood board below totals over $13,000 before shipping.

What Makes California Casual Style?

  • Light neutral tones - Dreamy coastal shades of cream, blues and sands.

  • A very neutral and limited color pallet, with just a few colors

  • A slight minimalist feel- it feels very simple

  • Modern lines (thick with waterfall edges)

  • Mix in some organic lines like live edge furnishings, or imperfectly shaped mirrors

  • Rustic solid woods- nothing too finished

  • Blond woods

  • Unfinished/unrefined looking wood flooring- wide planks

  • Modern and generously sized loungy sofas- Sometimes with one bench seat

  • Cozy or funky accent chairs- leather is a top pick

  • Loads of texture- baskets, textiles, wood, fringe, fur, metal

  • Pottery with texture and handmade treasures

  • Organic accessories like wood beads, rocks and shells,

  • Plants and trees - dry grasses, olive trees and succulents are super popular

  • Drum shaped tables

  • Baskets! Put your throws or a big plant in them

  • Chandeliers made of natural materials like baskets, rope or string

  • Natural fiber rugs, layering rugs, and hides- real or faux

  • Finish it off with a touch of matte black metal or brushed brass

Who Sells California Casual? Lulu and Georgia- who features Jenny Kane's rugs, Serena and Lily has a some items that work with this look, Crate and Barrel who now features Leanne Ford's designs, Pottery Barn (I Love their Big Sur Sofa Line), Arhaus, Target, Etsy, Amazon and more.

If you'd like help incorporating California Casual into your home in Santa Cruz County or virtually, send me an email or give me a call. -Ashley Tapley, Owner House Candy Home

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