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Fa La La La Lounge! Breaking Down Sectional Styles

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

What a great time to be shopping for sofas. There are so many styles and features to choose from today. Let us help to break down the different styles.

When most people think sectional sofa they are thinking about the CORNER SECTIONAL. This style is equidistant on both sides and will seat the largest number of guests. The sofa below is a West Elm Harmony 3 piece sofa and it comes in various colors and 3 sizes. We really love the feet on this sofa. They're a stylish touch.

Note that some sectionals come with one side shorter than the other which works out nicely in a room where you need a little extra space.


My favorite and most versatile style is the MODULAR SOFA. You can create your own shapes and customize it to your room. This sofa from Wayfair is made up of all the same pieces. Something to think about with a modular sofa is that you see the different pieces from the backside so be mindful of that. You can drape a blanket over the back to help hide the gaps.


Another versatile sectional style is the BUMPER CHAISE SOFA. Sometimes the chaise can be reversed and sometimes it cannot so make sure you know. The thing that is nice about a bumper chaise sofa is that you get one extra seat back compared to a standard chaise sofa, and it's not as overpowering as a standard L shape sectional. This is the Shelter Right Facing Bumper Chaise sofa from West Elm. Also note the super low profile of this sofa. No toys or dog balls will roll under this which is great! This sofa also has what is called a bench seat where the seat cushion is one long cushion vs the number of back cushions. It has a clean modern feel and is great for sleeping guests.


This is a RIGHT FACING CHAISE SOFA with rolled arms and a slipcover. It's basically a sofa that allows you to stretch out on the chaise end. Some chaises have storage, some are reversible and some are static like this one. This sofa from Ballard Designs is available in lots of different fabrics, even prints!


Things to think about before purchasing any sofa.

  1. Fabric choice- I always think selecting a performance fabric is a great bet. Especially if you have kids or pets.

  2. Arm style- rolled arms are more traditional square arms are more modern or transitional

  3. Legs- Make sure not to overlook the style and material, or no legs showing at all.

  4. Cushions- How are they stuffed? -The most common is high density polyurethane. The denser the stuffing, the firmer the seat. -Down is luxurious, but requires lots of fluffing. - You can mix down with other materials, but this is generally more expensive to do. -Do you want a bench cushion or individual cushions? -Can the cushions be flipped? Sometimes more affordable sofa cushions only have the upholstery on one side.

  5. Sofa frame- Sofas are made of different frame materials. Kiln Dried Hardwood frames will last the longest and can be the most expensive.

  6. Seating Support- Sofa seats are supported in different ways (springs and web suspension)

  7. A good quality sofa will look better for longer and be more comfortable.

  8. Always sit in a sofa whenever possible. Read the reviews. Read the details.

  9. Toss the "toss pillows" and buy nice accent pillows to personalize your look.

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