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House Candy Home Interviewed on International Podcast

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Just pinch me! Cindy Lin, the owner and founder of Staged 4 More School of Home Staging and the phenomenal "Home Staging Show" podcast invited little old me to be a guest on her international podcast. We did the interview last fall and it's just out. I am beyond honored by her invitation to be a guest on her show.

Cindy has been instrumental in helping me launch my home staging and design business and helping me deliver a quality product to my clients. I have learned so much about staging, real estate, design, business, marketing, photography and more from her real estate & staging podcast as well as from her Home Styling/Photography course where I learned to to stage for the camera and to incorporate lifestyle staging into my projects. Thank you Cindy!

After listening back to the interview I realized that I missed out on saying something in regards to pricing. I mentioned that we should be paid well for staging because it's really hard work. What I should have added was that we spend a lot of time and money training to learn this craft and we bring HUGE financial value to our sellers and realtors. They earn sometimes tens of thousands (sometimes hundreds of thousands) of dollars more by staging. Plus, they also avoid paying additional mortgage payments by sitting on the market. Staging works and is truly worth the expense.

How to Grow Your New Home Staging Business with Home Stager Ashley Tapley

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