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House Candy’s 25 Tips to Prepare Your Home For Sale

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

So you're going to sell? Here are some simple tips to get you ready to put your home on the market Staging and preparing your home for sale before listing works magic and pays off in a big way in time and in top dollar offers!

  1. Make sure your home is sparkling clean. –Have your home professionally cleaned

  2. Make your home look organized – even if you aren’t.

  3. Wash Windows and remove screens for photos and put them in the garage if you have one.

  4. Freshen up interior paint in a neutral color. Touch up dings, etc. If you have not painted in the last five years, repaint walls. Paint your front door an inviting color. "Doors painted black statistically sell for $6,000 more" - Zillow (Got giant (9x15) peel and stick paint samples, check out Samplize.)

  5. Install new outdoor lighting. It will make your house look updated

  6. Check all outlet covers and light switch covers to make sure they are in good shape

  7. Have good lighting in your home. Light and bright sells. Make sure your lightbulbs are warm in color/2700 lumens and not "daylight or extra bright"

  8. Remove excess furniture and accessories throughout your home.

  9. Hang mirrors to widen a narrow room.

  10. Make your primary bedroom & bath look and feel like a private retreat.

  11. Buy new bedding, throws and pillows in neutral tones to dress up bedrooms.

  12. Put out a new doormat

  13. Minimize what is on your counter tops to make them feel more spacious.

  14. Remove all household appliances that are not used on a daily basis.

  15. Make sure beds are made every day.

  16. Remove personal family photos and other personal items

  17. Ensure sink is clear of any dishes.

  18. Closets: Add light inside closets to make them look bigger. Remove half the contents of your closets to show buyers there’s plenty of room. Take everything off of the closet floor. Remove off season clothing from your closets to add space. Color coordinate and organize clothing in closets.

  19. Place all hygiene items under the sinks in the bathrooms.

  20. Hide or lock up medications and valuables

  21. Remove trash cans from view.

  22. If possible, create an outdoor living space(s).

  23. If possible update technology like ring doorbell, nest thermostat, google home, etc.

  24. Less is sometimes more. Don't over decorate. They're buying your house, not your stuff.

  25. Take photos of your home. That is what will appear on the listing photos. If the photos need improvement. Hire a home stager to help you prep your home for photo day.

As always, if you need help with staging, styling or paint color consultations in Santa Cruz County, please feel free to reach out. House Candy is also available for virtual consultations.

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