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Mobile Home Makeover!

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

I was recently hired to stage a very well cared for 70's era mobile home. I was up for a challenge and super excited to see what I could to to update the space. Upon entering the home I instantly knew that paint and staging could help sell this home quickly. Another newer home in the park had been on the market for over 100 days so this had to be GOOD to pull off a quick sale.

PAINT: The ceilings and the yellow striping were all painted Pure White by Sherwin Williams, as were the cabinets and doors. The walls were painted a lovely greige called Drift of Mist by Sherwin Williams. Click here to learn more about painting wood paneling. It CAN be done with just a few extra steps. Consult a professional before attempting.


AFTER MAIN LIVING ROOM: The fresh paint and neutral furnishings paired with pops of blue, plants, plus textured items make this room feel fresh and fantastic.

BEFORE DINING ROOM: The built in cabinet was paneled in faux wood. I was hoping for a new chandelier to update the space, but budget would not allow. The dark red Formica counter top was something that we were not going to paint so I had to work with it as is.

AFTER DINING ROOM: Fresh paint and removing the cabinet doors gave this hutch an updated feel. It made the shelves easier to style as well. The red counters were covered with wood tone place mats. A great circular rug, decorative mirror, airy glass table and small scale furniture made this room feel beautiful and spacious. It even made the chandelier look updated.


KITCHEN BEFORE: Sometimes it's OKAY to paint over wallpaper! Check out this video on how to properly paint it. The ceilings, walls and cabinets got a fresh coat of paint. Cabinets in Pure White Sherwin Williams and Walls were painted Drift of Mist by Sherwin Williams.

KITCHEN AFTER. WOW! The paint really brightened the space and the staging makes it feel perfectly Grandmillennial.

BATHROOMS BEFORE: More wallpaper and wood paneling to paint.

BATHROOMS AFTER: Fresh paint, art, florals and towels make these bathrooms shine.


BEDROOM AFTER: The same paint was brought into the bedroom. Floor to ceiling curtains hung high and wide make the window feel larger and fresh blue and white bedding brightens up the space.

BEDROOM/OFFICE BEFORE AND AFTER: Paint and updated staging make this room stand out.

DON'T FORGET TO UPDATE PORCH LIGHTS and NEW WELCOME MAT! One of the least expensive and easiest updates you can do when selling is to update porch light fixtures. These cute nautical lights were from Home Depot and go great with the color of the home and its coastal vibe. The layered welcome mats are on trend and welcome guests right on in.

THIS STORY ENDS WITH THE HOSE HAVING AN OFFER BY THE THIRD DAY AND IT'S NOW CURRENTLY SOLD AND THE NEW OWNER IS ENJOYING THIS SPACE. I had a fantastic time working on this project with the original owner and her family. I believe that she was going to use these paint colors and styling tricks in her new home. I just love this storybook ending.

This project was featured in the Staging Studio Blog. Yea! Check it out.

If you need home staging or color consultation in the Santa Cruz County Area, please reach out by email, phone or through social media.

In Style, Ashley

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Daniel Kerwosvski
Daniel Kerwosvski
4 days ago

It's the best trailer makeover that I've seen online. If you are buying tools for this then please visit Coupon Codes for a discount.


Missi Tatum
Missi Tatum
14 févr.

This was exactly what I needed to see! We’re looking to purchase this almost exact same layout mobile home, but with much darker paneling (ugh) and I was at my wits end not knowing what to do with it should we buy it. Well, now I know and I’m not at all hesitant to purchase it. Thank you so much for turning my fears into hopes!


Andrea Wheatley
Andrea Wheatley
12 déc. 2021

I have wallpaper paneling in my master bedroom and bathroom, can I paint over it? Also te paneling, can I paint that? I wish you could help redo mine.

Nancy Walton
Nancy Walton
16 août 2023
En réponse à



Maggie Liddell
Maggie Liddell
29 oct. 2021

This is the best trailer makeover that I've seen online. Well done.


04 févr. 2021

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