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Movie Magic - Lifestyle Videos Sell the Dream

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

I recently selected paint colors and staged a coastal bohemian farmhouse that had the most amazing listing video. It was a concept video and WOW did it sell the property. It had me, and everyone else, wanting to move in and live the life it portrayed. Local photographer Jesse Beer was behind this amazing video that showcased all the best features of this ENTERTAINER'S DREAM HOME. it sure pulls at the heart strings.

When creating a listing video make sure it's shot during the best light for the home. Have areas staged to suggest a hint of the lifestyle a buyer might have at the property. (Activities at the home, what books they might read, hobbies, etc.) This large family home is clearly an entertainer's dream so it was staged with that in mind. The movie, with live people really hit that point home!

Kudos to realtor Gretchen Bach and her team Anna and Ellie. They did an amazing job getting every last detail on this home ready, from paint, floor refinishing, new carpet, new lighting fixtures, landscaping, staging and don't forget amazing marketing. Great job ladies!

This home went fast and I'm so excited to have been a part of it and thrilled for the new owners. They're going to love it!

Below the video are some of the beautiful Jesse Beer listing photos, along with a few of my own. It's pretty thrilling to have such beautiful photos of my lifestyle staging. If you find yourself in need of paint colors, design or staging feel free to reach out. My contact info is on my website. I'd be happy to help!

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