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Paint is CASH in a Can!

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

See how different colors can increase or decrease your home's sale price.

Repeat after me... The colors you paint your home can increase or decrease the sale price of your home. If you are selling, don't leave cash on the table because your house is wearing the wrong colors.

Painting can be expensive, but it costs the same amount of money and effort to paint your home a bad color as it does a really good color. It pays to get it right! What's worse than losing money to a bad paint color when selling your home? Living in a bad color choice. Many factors go into choosing the right colors, such as natural light and undertones in other existing surfaces such as flooring, cabinets, rock/stone, tilework and countertops. I'm here to help! Hiring a professional color consultant will help ensure you get it right, whether you're selling or staying.

Here are some interesting facts on how paint color can impact the sale price of a home from Zillow:

-Best exterior: Greige (mix of gray and beige); home sold for $1,526 more on average.

-Worst exterior: Medium brown, taupe or stucco; home sold for $1,970 less on average.

-Black front doors can boost the typical U.S. home sale price by 2.9 percent!

-Navy blue and charcoal gray front doors increased the average home value by $1,500+.

-Taupe living rooms are more likely to make the price of a typical home increase the most. A living room painted warm tan with pink undertones -- pinkish taupe -- could send a home price up 1.3 percent, more than any other color.

-Periwinkle blue bathrooms are likely to increase the price of a typical U.S. home

Black and White Tuxedo kitchen makes a typical U.S. home sell a little higher. A tuxedo kitchen -- dark cabinets and islands with light wall colors --can make a $1,547 difference in sale price.

-Best Bedroom: Light to mid blue; home sold for $1,856 more on average

-Worst Bedroom: Light pink to antique rose; home sold for $208 less on average

-The price for a typical U.S. home could drop by $2,310 with a brick or barn red color in the kitchen. Yikes!

-Homes with white bathrooms sold for an average of $4,035 below similar homes.

The above facts were provided by Zillow's 2017 and 2018 Paint Color analysis which measured how different paint colors in various room types may affect the sale price of a home compared to its Zestimate. They analyzed more than 135,000 photos from listings around that country that sold between January 2010 and May 2018 to identify which paint colors were associated with a home selling for more or less than its Zestimate when compared to similar homes with white walls. The analysis controlled for other wall colors within each room type, square footage, home age, and ZIP code Zillow Home Value Index in the listing month. Price effects for different room-color combinations are estimates of the average premium or discount but may not reflect a causal difference in value compared to white walls.

LET'S GET STARTED! House Candy Home Staging color consultations are a multi-step process. (It usually takes 2-3 visits.) My main objective if you are staying, is for YOU to LOVE your colors. And if you're leaving, to select colors that sell for top dollar. Consultations are billed by the hour. Contact me for rates and to schedule an appointment. Color consultations also make great client gifts! Certificates are availalbe and come packaged in a paint can.

Step 1: Client is met on site to select paint colors. I bring sample books from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. Once paint colors are selected, we determine who will put up the test samples. House Candy will bring quite a few extra large Samplize paint samples to the appointment and we may be able to skip the test process.

Step 2: Dry samples are reviewed. We confirm choice or decide if adjustments are needed. If adjustments are needed, we repeat the process as needed.

Step 3: Quick visit to confirm all looks a-Okay when the painter gets started.

Ashley Tapley, owner of House Candy Home Staging has a Master Color Consultant Certification and can assist with paint colors, as well as other finishes like countertops, flooring and more.

Want my 10 favorite neutral paint colors? Sign up for my email mailing list @

Cheers! -Ashley

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