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Shelfies - 10 Tips to Styling Fab Bookshelves - Style like a pro!

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Bookshelves are super useful and can be very striking as long as they are styled properly. Styling bookshelves (and mantles) is something that is quite common and effective when staging properties to sell. I recently took an Interior Styling and Photography course through Staged4more. I had a lot of fun styling bookshelves for the class and I thought I'd share some photos and tips with you so you can style like a pro!

Here are my top 10 Shelfie Tips!

  1. Create balance- side to side and top to bottom. The shelves should feel similarly full. Also don't overweight any of the shelves, especially the top. You don't want the shelves to feel top heavy.

  2. Repetition- The eye finds it restful when it sees something exactly the same (or similar) in multiples, so try to repeat items across one shelf. Multiples of 3 are super pleasing. Groupings of high, medium and low items are also very pleasing to the eye.

  3. Bigger is better - less is more. If space allows, use some larger items vs having lots of little items. They eye needs some empty space to better take in what's on the shelves.

  4. Use unique items and special items to add personality. ie. The lucky horse shoe is a vintage candy mold, the cameo is vintage from Disneyland.

  5. Stack books horizontally, vertically or prop them open.

  6. Create layers- move items toward the front and back of the shelves and put some items in front of the others like the seashell in front of the open book on the top shelf.

  7. Use greenery- Faux is great! Who wants to water a plant on a bookshelf? Not I! the fake stuff is great for here and it's not so close that you can really tell that they're not real.

  8. Don’t overcrowd, remember less is more and some whitespace is intentional and necessary.

  9. Choose a color theme and have some contrast. Weave a specific color(s) throughout your shelfie design.

  10. Having an inspiration style or color scheme like this surf/farmhouse look can be fun! Think of it more as a style vs theme. Themes can get cute. Don't forget to change it up! It will get dusty and look stale over time and it's such a fun way to express your creativity.

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