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What is an Occupied Home Staging Consultation, and Do YOU Really Need One?

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Spoiler alert... the answer is YES- No home going on the market should be without one!

What to Expect During a House Candy Home Staging "Occupied Consultation" (Every home is unique so some of these items may not apply to every situation)

Why Do an Occupied Home Staging Consultation? Occupied homes can be cluttered, look smaller, and can often be too personal. This super important step in getting your home ready for sale is often overlooked. Many people think if their home is not vacant, it can't be staged. There is nothing farther from the truth. Occupied homes greatly benefit from home staging. Thanks to HGTV, home buyers expect to see a dream home. Decluttering, taking care of needed repairs, mixing in trendy accessories, plants, and creating vignettes to tell your home's story can really update a space and is well worth the investment. And like with all staging, it helps you sell faster and for more.

What is an Occupied Consultation?

  • There will be a comprehensive (Up to 2 Hour) walkthrough and detailed notes on what needs attention inside every room and outside the property to "Professionally Prepare the Home for Sale. Think of it like getting your home ready for a big job interview. It needs to be groomed AND dressed to impress.

  • We will discuss the demographic of potential buyers and price point of the home to make sure that the staging meets the expectations of those buyers. Ie. Families, Millennials, Empty Nesters. Multi-million-dollar homes most likely would require premium furniture and décor and would be different than the items needed for an average priced home.

  • Staging is NOT just decorating. Think of this consultation like a "cosmetic inspection" for the home. Don't be surprised if there are recommendations for things like home repairs, lighting suggestions, installing smart technology, adjusting art placement, paint colors, new house numbers and more.

  • During the walkthrough measurements and photographs might be taken.

  • Don't be surprised... Small furniture and décor items may be moved on the spot. We may find items in the home that can be used to stage the property. Look at the two photos above. Shelves were rearranged, clutter removed, and even the outdoor furniture was rearranged to photograph better.

We will discuss decluttering/editing items inside and outside the home. A staged home looks different than a home that you live in, so expect it to look different and much emptier than they way you would live in your home. This is all part of the staging process and is in no way a judgment on how you live.
  • We will determine if the homeowner wants/needs to purchase suggested items (like bedding/throw pillows/towels) or if they need staging services beyond the consultation like renting art, décor and/or furniture.

  • If the homeowner wants to DIY the staging recommendations on their own, the notes will be left with the homeowner. I can Coach home owners to stage their own home or give staging support.

  • Add on services include: mood boards, checklists, personal shopping, soft/partial staging, etc.

If you're interested in home staging or redesign/styling in the Santa Cruz area, don't hesitate to reach out. I also do color consultations to help with paint, flooring and solid surfaces.

The holidays are around the corner and if your home needs a little refresh before your holiday guests arrive, I can help! Need fun new pillows and accessories in your living room? Need a new dining table and chairs... Guest room need some love? I’m happy to help make it fun and easy for you. Email, or call 831-688-5575.

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