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Monetize Your Genius: Grow Your Staging Business Through Consultations- StagerCon 2023

It's been a really BIG year for me personally. Off the heels of the Staged4More Italian retreat, House Candy Home was listed by Apartment Therapy as the best staging company on the West Coast. We also just made RESA's top ten best occupied staged homes list. I'm especially excited to have been asked to present at StagerCon this year. It's such an Honor with a capital H.

I'm looking forward to sharing the things that I have learned over the past five years about adding consulting to my staging business. I am a firm believer in lifting others up in our staging community, so teaching is one way for me to give back. Please come to my sessio Saturday, July 15 10am-11am PST! I look forward to chatting with you at the Live Q&A immediately following. Live Q&A is Saturday, July 15 11am-noon PST.

woman sitting on a couch being filmed
On set in one of our staged homes.

A huge thanks to my husband Scott who filmed and produced my video. He did a great job helping me get my message put together in a fun and interesting way. Another huge thanks to our friend Alex Demarco for filming and lighting our set, and lending me your mom's house as a location.

StagerCon has six amazing presenters this year don't miss out on growing your knowledge and your business. Click here for tickets!

-Ashley Tapley,

Owner House Candy Home

woman on video camera
Lights, Camera, Action!

*This post contains affiliate links, but will not increase the cost of a ticket.

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